Christmas Wrap Video with Sam

Watch as Corky the puppy (that’s ME) tries to trick Sam the cat into being gift wrapped for Christmas in this new video released on YouTube. The text transcript of Dad narrating the story is inserted below the video shown here. (Playtime 00:49 min/sec)

Transcript of Teaching Sam Christmas Wrapping

Here’s Corky teaching Sam our cat Christmas wrapping. Okie dokie, little buddy… in the box!

No, no. C’mon. Cooperate. I KNOW Christmas is 3 weeks away! You’re not gonna suffocate.

Imma making air holes for you after I close this flap.

Sam! You gotta stay in the box for this surprise to work. Imma writing “To Mom” on the box.

Argh! Come back Sam! Oh, brother. I never woulda guessed Christmas wrapping could be so hard.

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