Blue Nile Adventure in 25 Tweets

Corky adventure pictureThis blog post is a series of tweets published here in chronological order for the #mummypawty Twitter critter party with the theme of a pretend trip to Cairo, Egypt, and taking a ride on the Nile River.

My guardian, “Dad”, has been to the source of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia for real, and he does my typing in Twitter plus the narration for my videos. I wanted him to tell me and my anipals that African adventure story on Twitter. The challenge was creating a story of 140 character tweets and trying to tell his real life adventure in 25 tweets.

Here goes the true African adventure Dad made to the Blue Nile River presented in a series of 25 tweets.

Trip to the Source of the Blue Nile

Intro a: Dad went with buddies on an African adventure to the Blue Nile source in Ethiopia years ago.

Intro b: The Nile splits into the White Nile and Blue Nile. The Blue begins in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

Intro c: Destination? A half mile wide waterfalls at the source of the Blue Nile in Bahir Dar.

Intro d: Traveled from Eritrea over a mountain, across plains, then desert to get to the falls.

Intro e: Self guided camera safari of 6 adult males in 2 vehicles. Told little of what to expect.

Day 1a: Expected to arrive at foot of 10K foot high mountain named Soira Amba. Did not see it.

Day 1b: Slept in the African jungle that night. Every wild animal calling that you can imagine.

Day 1c: Same night. Saw a line of lights, obviously torches, move along the far side of the valley.

Day 1d: Night. Nervous? Oh yeah. Wild critters and torch bearers. Had pocket knives only. No guns.

Day 1e: Night. Rotated to guard and watch fire. Surrounded by pairs of eyeballs lit up by firelight.

Day 2a: Awoke. Broke camp. Traveled 500 feet around a bend. 10K foot Mount Soira Amba right there.

Day 2b: Thinking we saw the top of the mountain, squinted and saw more higher up hidden in clouds.

Day 2c: Strained eyes again, twice more thinking we saw the mountain top. Finally did. Majestic!

Day 2d: Half way up mountain attacked by baboons. Not hand to hand combat. They were too smart.

Day 2e: Baboon tactic: climb very high. Lob large rocks at us while too high for us to return fire.

Day 3a: Camped out. Another thrilling night. Morning travel and arrived at mountain top village.

Day 3b: Only person who spoke English? A child. Schooled in the city. Asked our destination.

Day 3c: Replied “Bahir Dar”. He said “Oh, to see the falls?”, then “What is your occupation?”.

Day 3d: Occupation? Dad and buddies were amazed with his incredible English. They said “military”.

Day 3e: “No you’re not. You’re movie stars. Some came through last year. I KNOW what they look like!”

Day 4a: Not mentioned, but each day was like traveling further back in time. Day 4: Grass huts.

Day 4b: Arrived in Bahir Dar. The waterfalls were a half mile wide hillside. Dried up. Drought.

Day 4c: Some civilization catering to tourists. Ate real food in a rustic (being polite) restaurant.

Day 4d: Elvis sighting! Flick that night at the town theater was an old Elvis movie. Decision was don’t attend.

Day 4e: Slept that night in Bahir Dar in real (being polite again) beds. Return trip took 3 days.

(Nice story, Dad). Hope all the pawpals enjoyed the adventure!

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