Story of Raining Squirrels

It began like any normal day with a puppy and his guardian going for their morning walk. Imagine the shock while passing under palm trees and suddenly hearing “FWOP! FWOP!” as squirrels dropped from the sky landing at the puppy’s feet! Wow! Incredible? Yes, but TRUE. This IS the true story of raining squirrels!

Late last week the event just described happened. I, Corky the Shelter Dog, was a witness. Stunned by squirrels dropping around us, my guardian (Dad) had no time to react and document the raining squirrels on video. He did, however, have his camera and after overcoming the shock was able to capture still photos.

The photo illustration inserted below has been marked up 1 through 7 to help you visualize this incredible day.

photo graphic of raining squirrels

Photo Illustration of Raining Squirrels Story

  1. Squirrel story protagonist perched atop a light pole
  2. Photo insert of the scene of the Raining Squirrels
  3. Wrestling squirrels fell from this 20 foot palm tree
  4. Stunned temporarily, squirrel #1 then ran up the light pole
  5. (Irrelevant daytime moon captured in photo. Nice shot, Dad.)
  6. Squirrel #2 ran up this palm tree and hid out of sight
  7. Closeup of squirrel #1 atop the pole and evil booby traps

You’ve probably heard the saying “raining cats and dogs”. Well, friends, this week it was squirrels. Given their choice of 3 palms trees, 2 squirrels fought for one and flopped 20 feet to the ground during the battle. They landed at my paws (and Dad’s feet) then recovered and scampered up that tree and pole.

Each stayed in place until we left. The one on the pole (1,4) had the safest hideout with wires and stuff (7) like evil booby traps. With a fortress like that, the closest I got was sniffing the tiny little squirrel tracks left behind. I’ll be ready next time.

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6 comments on “Story of Raining Squirrels
  1. Sydpie says:

    WOW!!!!! *uses paw to follow trail from one through 7* What an EXCITING story! Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Corky says:

    You are most welcome, Pawpal. Thanks for reading the squirrel story and leaving a comment, Sydpie. My readers can follow Sydpie on Twitter, too! She’s a talking Rottweiler and famous at #squirrelclub!

  3. Tweetypie says:

    Wow I would luv 2 have been there, I could chase them wif U Corky!

  4. Corky says:

    Just stood in shock, Tweetypie! Squirrels dropping outta the sky doesn’t happen every day! Stared in amazement as they went FWOP (FWOP stands for did NOT bounce), shook it off, then ran away! Keeping an eye out for “next time”.

  5. Lou says:

    O.o wow… I’ve heard about those evil squirrels but wow…raining? BOL thanks for the photo illustration! *woof*

    P.S: Oh I was just reading this by the way

  6. Corky says:

    Lou, that link was SSOOoooo cool with the combat veteran squirrels! Thanks for the visit and comments.