Adopt a Senior Pet Month in November

April family dog terrier shepherd mix November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and many older dogs available in shelters are overlooked or ignored by would be guardians just like humans placed in institutions. The advantage of age, wisdom, maturity, and self-discipline in older dogs (and people) should not be overlooked.

The wonderful pet shown here is April, my guardian’s former dog adopted at age 4, who passed over the rainbow bridge to doggy heaven at 14 before I became a member of this family. Portraits and memories of April make sure she is not forgotten for her gentle ways and the 10 years of loyal companionship.

April proved that old saying wrong about “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” because she excelled in learning new hand signals and voice commands well into her senior years. Combining both in her training proved helpful for communicating as her hearing and other functions lost their edge. In some cases she was selectively hard of hearing to make a point which proves dogs DO have a sense of humor.

When ready to add a loyal companion to your home, visit the local shelter and take a moment to consider those older dogs or cats before rushing by to the next cute puppy or kitten. A housebroken and well mannered adult dog will have less trouble adjusting to your home and is less likely to chew up your valuables than a rambunctious puppy.

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