Twitter Squirrel Club Video Release

This new Life with Corky video on YouTube was promised last week to the Twitter Squirrel Club after bragging about being an expert squirrel tracker. The evidence is in the video. I did get close to the squirrel. The transcript of Dad narrating is below the video display for those who want to read along (or can’t understand some of the words).

Narration script: This special video presentation is for the Twitter weekly Squirrel Club meeting.

Dad will narrate for me. I became a squirrel tracking expert as a puppy. You will be amazed at how close I can get to squirrels as demonstrated in this video. First step is find squirrels. Go to a known squirrel hangout and begin by looking for squirrels far far away.

If they see a puppy or especially a big dog they will run away. Spot them before they see you, and they’ll come closer.

Next, get down low to the ground. As you can imagine here, a white puppy stands out in the green grass, but when I scrunch down flat on the ground, and stay quiet… I’m invisible! Yep. That squirrel is coming closer and closer because he can’t see me… hiding… and waiting.

Okay, now imagine that little rascal is getting really really close. Stay down low to the ground because if you can’t see him, he can’t see you. Of course it’s okay to take a peek at the squirrel when he’s looking the other way.

Finally, it’s your choice what to do next. I just track squirrels. Didn’t say anything about catching them. When they get close like this little guy, I jumps out to scare the little critters away and teach ’em a lesson.

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2 comments on “Twitter Squirrel Club Video Release
  1. Zed says:

    WOW! You are a crazy dog!
    I can’t believe you let that squirrel get so close. Did no one tell you they are dangerous thieves?

    Well, maybe they are. I haven’t seen a squirrel in years. BUT, I do know that on other video’s I see them attacking. Oh yes, they even steal, bird food, shiny stuff, treats…Be very very careful Corky.

    That squirrel maybe part of the Fuzzy Tail Mafia. He is pretending not to see you, he may even leave a few treats for you, then before you know it, he says you stole his nuts, and if you don’t give em back…he sends in his uncle to break your knees. Or they make you sleep with the fishes….

    You are a very brave dog.
    I’ll keep my paws crossed that you stay safe on squirrel hunts.

  2. Corky says:

    Zed, thanks for taking the time to comment. You wrote lotsa good squirrel advice which I really appreciate. Problem being an expert about tracking squirrels or any subject is you’re supposed to wait for someone else to call you that! Will keep an eye out for squirrel tricks.