Get Inside the Mind of a Dog

Corky photo with cartoon balloon Ever wonder about what dogs are thinking? You may enjoy this Time Magazine article The Secrets Inside Your Dog’s Mind, a 4 page article by Carl Zimmer.

Humans make the mistake of attributing human characteristics when analyzing canine behavior, and may be disappointed with how often they are wrong. The Times article reveals much more about what dogs really think that may surprise some of you humans. My guardians needed the lessons. Hope they help you, too.

Here’s an excerpt from page 2 of the article, but I advise you to read every page:

Take for instance the kiss a dog gives you when you come home. It looks like love, but it could also be hunger. Wolves also lick one another’s mouths, particularly when one wolf returns to the pack. They can use their sense of taste and smell to see if the returnee has caught some prey on its journey. If it did, the licking often prompts it to vomit up some of that kill for the other members of the pack to share. The kiss dogs give us probably evolved from this inspection. “If we happened to spit up whatever we just ate,” says Horowitz, “I don’t think our dogs would be upset at all.”

That have you thinking again about the real meaning behind those puppy kisses? Haha. Good.

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