Corky Doggy Jail Interview Video

Corky leaving doggy jail I am an excited puppy! The next video in the Life with Corky story of a shelter dog series was released earlier. Visit the main site to view Corky’s Doggy Jail Interview where I first meet my parents to-be. The photo here is me leaving doggy jail.

Below the video is complete text of the video narration for hearing impaired or others who just want to read along as Dad talks for me in this next episode in the series about my new life as a rescued shelter pet. Readers can view the entire video story on my Corky the Puppy YouTube video channel, too.

The YouTube version of the interview video will be uploaded later, and does not have the transcript of the narration. While on YouTube look for short video clips that are only found there and not included on my website.

Finally, given the chance to bring a pet into your home, please consider a shelter dog or cat. October is Adopt-a-Dog Month, but kitties and other pets need homes, too, so make every month adopt-a-shelter-pet month, okay?

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One comment on “Corky Doggy Jail Interview Video
  1. Charlotte says:

    We too have a dog named Corky who we found in a rescue centre for strays – we love him very much – he is such a good hearted little man