Brought Back the Latest Tweets

After considering my old design and the revised custom cms with matching WordPress blog, I reversed one decision and brought back the “Latest Tweets” in the home page sidebar column. It looks something like this, just not quite that wide:

This blog post uses the original code for inserting the tweets, so no matter when you visit this entry those should be my most recent tweets. Of course you can see a whole page of tweets on Twitter by following the Twitter link with my picture at the top right. It’s next to the graphic for my YouTube puppy videos and you’re invited to view those, too.

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2 comments on “Brought Back the Latest Tweets
  1. Cooper says:

    I was rescued from yet another nasty person after a life as a stud im a mill. Now I’m in the life of luxury. New hair cut, I’ll look better in a month or more, smell good-yuck, mommy likes it. I have the coolest bed, chews, treats, we even take walks. WE visit book stores, well lots of stores. I am a 13 pounder, getting my certification a s a service dog for mommy. Can you wriet to me?

  2. Corky says:

    Hi, Cooper,
    Thanks for commenting and sharing your story. I was 13 lbs in January and now full grown at 19 lbs. Email me from any page on my website. The link is under the YouTube and Twitter graphics at the top of the side column, and I’ll reply for sure. I LOVE fan mail.