Corky Photos at 4-8-12 Months

puppy Corky at 4 months The doggy photos of me on this site and in my videos are just me, folks! No puppy stunt double going on here. The difference in before and after example photos is grooming.

I was a scruffy puppy at 4 months though my captured by the doggy police video is a simulation that shows me with a haircut.

Looking over old puppy photos when I was 4 months old, and then again at 8 months and 12, oh my but some Corky photos at 4, 8, and 12 months appear like more than one dog.

Pet film productions do that Hollywood trick for television and movies. I believe the role of Marley was actually played by 15-20 different dogs.

In the hideous photo shown above (yikes!) that’s me (yikes, again!) at 4 months and never groomed. I did get a bath during my week in doggy jail, plus a jailhouse tattoo, but no haircut. I clean up quite well, don’t ya think?

The collage of puppies in the top header, and the solo puppy photo to the right of those are all me at 4 months old, and groomed. Look in the right sidebar column next. The YouTube video graphic is me groomed at 8 months. The Twitter graphic shows Corky the shelter dog at 12 months.

If you were trying to guess my weight in all of those photographs, here’s how I tipped the doggy scales at the vet at 4-8-12 months. I was adopted at 13 lbs, added 4 lbs by the 8th month, and am now just over a year old and 19 lbs.

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