Fleet Peeples Dog Park 2013

Enjoy our Fleet Peeples Dog Park 2013 slideshow featuring the park, dogs, lake, and beach on Lake Baldwin in Winter Park, Florida. Use arrows to navigate. Click photos to visit on Flickr.

corky as puppy with great dane

Corky with Great Dane

The small photo at the left is Corky taken in 2009 when he was less than a year old looking tiny and staring up at a huge Great Dane.

Fleet Peeples Dog Park is a 23 acre enclosed lakefront park that features a pristine lake, a very large beach, grassy areas to play fetch, and a wooded section of trails to explore.

In addition, it has bathrooms for humans, benches and picnic tables, two bathing stations with 4 spray hoses, and water fountains. Outside the dog area is an enclosed playground for children, a boat launch ramp, and sometimes food truck vendors on busy days.

The park is located on the NW corner of Lake Baldwin in Winter Park just NE of Orlando, Florida. Fleet Peeples is the name of the person who generously donated this high value property with the largest portion exclusively for dogs.

Parking and admission is free. Dog owners must have evidence of their dog being up to date on shots.

Several years ago Fleet Peeples Dog Park was honored as one of the Top 10 Dog Parks in the USA.

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Corky Celebrates Another Birthday

happy birthday, corky, sign

The Landing: Happy Birthday, Corky

Check out this “Happy Birthday, Corky” sign at The Landing at China Lake in China, Maine, when Corky turned 3 years old in 2011.

Corky celebrates another birthday today. He’s 5 years old!

The Landing is at the north end of China Lake in Maine and serves food and ice cream.

The sign in the photo that Dad took is real. The birthday greeting was added with digital magic.

Corky wasn’t famous in Maine back then. Maybe he is now.

Here’s an example of evidence from an encounter in Florida a few years ago.

While going for a walk near home in Kissimmee a lady stopped Corky and his Dad, and exclaimed “Is THIS Corky?” which Dad confirmed, and then she said “Oh my! I’ve seen his videos! I love his videos!”

The lady and Corky posed for a photo that Dad later emailed to her.

Looking back 5 years, imagine the thrill of going from being abandoned on the street at 4 months old, hauled off to the dog shelter, and being adopted into a forever home.

Not many dogs have a website, blog, YouTube videos, Facebook page, and 5000+ Twitter followers!

Visit Corky the Shelter Dog’s dog years to human years calculator and looking at 5 years at 21 lbs. means Corky is 34 in human years!

Looking for a dog to add to your family? Please consider a shelter dog like Corky. Please adopt. Don’t buy. Local rescue groups and animal shelters have millions of dogs that need a home.

Rescue a dog or cat. That would make a wonderful gift for Corky as he celebrates another birthday!

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My Most Watched YouTube Video

Maybe I should look more often at my YouTube account after noticing my most watched YouTube video has almost 500 views! Not bad for a homeless shelter dog that went from life on the streets to finding a forever home.

Watch my (almost) famous “Shake Rattle and Roll Sneeze” that took about 8 seconds and runs for 23 seconds including the intro and outro.

My pals are invited to follow the links in the top right column of every page and see MORE video, my tweets, and even pictures of me on Flickr.

Please. I mean really pretty pretty please… follow the link to my Facebook page and LIKE me, too. Thanks!!

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New Doggy Pal Magilla the Pug

A good day for Corky the Shelter Dog became a great day as neighbor and new doggy pal Magilla the Pug came by to visit eariler. Here’s a cute photo as Magilla (left) and Corky pose on a wooden bench deciding what to do first.

magilla and corky wide on bench

Magilla the black Pug and Corky the TerrierX mutt go nose to nose saying “Hi”.

Magilla was temporarily banned from coming inside because he marked territory and upset the humans. Hey! That’s what we do! Anyhow, Magilla made a trip to the jewel thief a couple weeks ago, and he was (almost) on his best behavior today.

Magilla is just one of many new doggy pals in the neighborhood. When we meet another dog I am allowed off leash so we don’t get tangled up. I have matured with clicker training, and will sit and stay, or come when called. People are surprised at my good behavior.

Cooler weather has finally come to Central Florida, so I won’t get overheated with fun things like playing fetch. With luck I’ll get to go to the dog park, and maybe my new pal Magilla can come with us!

Life is good!

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Corky Turns 4 Without Any Fanfare

corky in july 2010

Corky the Shelter Dog in July 2010

Time passes quickly for Corky the Shelter Dog, and another milestone in his story slipped by as Corky turns 4 without any fanfare. Yes, he had treats and a new toy for his birthday, but no party with friends or big announcement on Twitter.

Though dumped on the street and his exact age was unknown when rescued in 2009, based on an exam by the veterinarian and his age in weeks, Corky’s Mom and Dad set his birthday as August 18, 2008.

The photo here shows Corky just before his second birthday in 2010.

He went from 13 lbs. to 20 lbs. in one year, and then full grown at 21 lbs. now.

Based on his weight and actual years this calculator for dog age in human years puts his age at 27. Follow that link to figure out your doggy’s age in human years. It works for cats, too!

The difference in maturity is apparent.

Instead of going around a light pole and getting stuck with his leash, he’s figured out the secret of turning around and backtracking. Likewise, he now kicks up plenty of grass and dirt to mark territory after doing his business. As a puppy he did kicks straight out without hitting anything.

After 4 years and 4,000 followers on Twitter, Corky continues to enjoy the life he deserved. He says “thanks” to all his pals and the people who continue to be fans of Corky the Shelter Dog.

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10 Tests for a CGC Certified Dog

corky at canal with ducks To overcome being a bored dog you might consider getting a Canine Good Citizen certificate by passing 10 tests for a CGC Certified dog.

This looks like lots of fun, and then when you pass you could visit retirement homes or maybe hospitals to cheer people up.

Dad is giving me a review to see if I’m ready, or need more training. View the checklist and see how well your dog would do to pass all 10.

Don’t worry if you fail any behaviors on the list. The training needed to be CGC certified should be fun for owner and their dog.

I’m anxious to know my score. Let’s go, Dad. Check ’em off and give me my score!

  1. Accepting a Friendly Stranger
  2. Appearance and Grooming
  3. Coming When Called
  4. Out for a Walk on a Loose Leash
  5. Reaction to Another Dog
  6. Reaction to Distractions
  7. Sit and Down plus Staying in Place
  8. Sitting Politely for Petting
  9. Supervised Separation
  10. Walking Through a Crowd

Here’s my test results. Okay, the test is not as easy as I thought. I fail, or partially fail, on items 5, 6, and sometimes 10 all for the same reason. Why? I love to talk, so I bark at lotsa people to say “hi”. If it is by surprise, some jump or scream and move away.

She the photo above? That’s me at the canal near home with ducks. I get within 1-2 feet of them and never bark, so they trust me. Guess I need to do that with people.

Dad has a new command he calls “Quiet” and it works half the time. He let’s me bark when people come on the property or hear noises outside. If it a repairman that has to come in the house, I’m slow to respond to “quiet”.

I have never and would never bite a person or other dog, but I need more work to become a Canine Good Citizen.

Some of my pals on Twitter already have their CGC. What about you?

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My Doggy Pal Leila Adopted

The photo here shows female dog Leila with me, Corky the shelter dog, resting after playing at Lifeline Dog Rescue in June. My doggy pal Leila was adopted last weekend and went to a forever home in Florida.

rescue dogs leila and corky

Rescue Dogs Leila (left) and Corky (right) at Lifeline Dog Rescue in Florida

Leila was living at Lifeline Dog Rescue in Okeechobee, Florida, when this photo was taken. I was visiting with “Dad” who was there to take pictures for their website.

Her new family has two children, 7 and 5. Like me, she now has a forever home. Leila is 18 months old, and I’ll be 4 years old next month, and we’re about the same size. She lives with 2 kids and human parents. I live with 2 rescue cats, plus Mom and Dad.

We both now have homes where we are safe and comfy.

Leila and I are some of the lucky dogs. She left behind about 20 dogs still looking for forever homes. I was in a public shelter where old or unhealthy dogs may never find a home.

Looking to add a dog as a companion in your family?

Please adopt. Don’t buy. Think ahead, too. The #1 reason that people surrender their dogs is moving. Whether moving by choice or forced due to the economy, treat your dog like family and try to keep them with you.

If you must surrender your dog, consider a dog rescue group. They are no-kill and you can provide important information to help them find your dog an ideal new home. Shelters operate under different rules, and most have time limits due to budget constraints. Most shelter dogs have a 50/50 chance of being adopted. Dog rescue group pets have no time limit and a 100% chance.

I will miss play wrestling and running with my doggy pal Leila. After being in my forever home for 3 years, I know any sadness that Leila feels will be quickly forgotten. Visit your local dog shelter or rescue group when looking for a dog, and help write another happy tails ending.

Adopt a dog. You’ll get unconditional love in return.

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Dexter Kitty First Birthday Celebration

The Dexter Kitty first birthday celebration is for our very special male Maine Coon rescue kitten, Dexter, who is 1 year old today. He joined our family of rescue pets last July after being abandoned and dumped in our Kissimmee Florida neighborhood.

dexter kitty with older cat sam

Male Felines Dexter Kitty (rt), a Maine Coon, and Sam (lt) a Gray Tabby, Nap Together

The photo above is Dexter lounging with his older feline brother Sam the cat who is 13, and will be 14 in September. Today Dexter is bigger than Sam at one year old!

The next two baby photos below are also from July 2011 and show Dexter the male Maine Coon rescue kitten who was estimated at 4 weeks old by the veterinarian. Counting backwards we set his birthday as 6 June 2011.

dexter kitty at 1 month old

Dexter Kitty at 1 Month Old in July 2011

dexter kitty at 4 weeks old

Dexter Kitty Cute Face at 4 Weeks Old

At 4 weeks Dexter did not need litterbox training. No potty mistakes were made from day one. In addition, he ate kitty kibble and drank water without being shown how. Most kittens stay with their mom until 8 weeks old, so Dexter proved he’s smart and strong enough to survive.

In July 2011 Dexter weighed 1.1 lbs. exactly, and Maine Coon kittens continue to grow up to 2 years. The average weight of an adult male Maine Coon cat is 15-25 lbs. Some weigh 30 pounds or more which is usually due to overfeeding.

On his first birthday Dexter weighs in at 9.8 lbs. today, so maybe he will be full grown at 15 lbs. by his next birthday. Otherwise, at 25 lbs. he would be bigger than ME, Corky the shelter dog at 21 lbs.

Dexter is highly intelligent compared to Sam, and very entertaining. He already took over the family cuteness title, too.

What makes Dexter different? For one, he cups his right paw and scoops up a single kibble that he lifts to his mouth to eat like a human! He was named Dexter after a town in Maine, yet his name could be short for “dexterity”, too!

Last week while relaxing on the porch, our human parents were surprised when they saw our car lights blink as the doors were unlocked. Going inside they found Dexter rummaging through Mom’s purse and clicking the keyless entry button while playing with her car keys!

Want to see how Dexter changed in one year? View beautiful photos of Dexter the Maine Coon on Dad’s Flickr stream. Click each for an enlarged version.

Happy Birthday, Dexter! At one year old we could call you Dexter the Cat even though Maine Coon males remain playful for years and years. That’s okay, too!

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Muscovy Duck Survival Photographs

Watch the growth of one duckling in Florida and his amazing story as illustrated in these Muscovy duck survival photographs. These 3 photographs are all the same Muscovy duckling from last November to earlier this month.

It is not unusual for a brood of 15 ducklings to disappear one by one within a month of hatching. Blame eagles, hawks, and owls who hunt to feed their babies that hatched at the same time.

muscovy duckling at 5 weeks muscovy duckling at 15 weeks muscovy duckling at 30 weeks

The Muscovy duckling shown here beat the odds. He was the last survivor at 5 weeks (photo left), was still at risk from eagles at 15 weeks (center photo), and has survived to a young adult at 30 weeks (photo right). It was more than luck.

Note: Select each photo to view an enlarged 640 x 480 pixel version to see how his look evolved from chick to adult.

My Dad has watched families of Muscovy ducks for nearly 10 years at the same canal near home in Kissimmee, Florida. Only 1 brood had 10 or more survive to young adults. Most had zero survivors.

As a puppy, I was taught to sit and stay with ducklings feeding 1-2 feet away. See evidence in my blog post entitled Well Behaved Puppy with Baby Ducks showing ducks within inches of my nose. The Muscovy survivor in this story knows I won’t attack, and as an adult will still approach me and Dad without fear.

What makes this survival story amazing? As the last duckling survivor at 5 weeks, and unable to fly, the adult ducks would abandon him for several days at a time. Imagine seeing him alone at night swimming aimlessly around the canal. At 5 weeks he was certainly still at risk for owls who hunt at night. Regardless, he did survive.

You may wonder what makes this Muscovy survivor different. Unlike any others observed over nearly 10 years, this abandoned baby displayed unusual intelligence. Dad would toss a piece of bread into the water, and he would swim away 4 or 5 feet rather than eat.

Almost immediately, a school of tiny minnows would gather to nibble the bread and compete for a mouthful. Next, the Muscovy duckling would swim through the group at top speed with his head held low and scoop up a mouthful of minnows.

Again, he would ignore the bread, wait, and repeat this behavior over and over. That’s pretty smart for an orphan duckling at 5 weeks old! A diet of fresh fish instead of getting fat on bread is a good lesson for people, too!

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Corky the Shelter Dog on Facebook

Part of online success includes being social, and one of my newer social network strategies is Corky the Shelter Dog on Facebook. The photo here is my first Corky Facebook banner graphic. The original was taken at Fleet Peeples Dog Park near Orlando, Florida, and is one of my favorite places in the universe.

corky facebook banner graphic

Facebook Banner Photo Graphic Used on the Corky the Shelter Dog Facebook Page

Facebook terms of service include a minimum age of 13 years old to have an account. Several human parents of my animal pals on Twitter created Facebook accounts for their pets. Some accounts were deleted for violating the rules. Unfortunately, the Facebook terms are for humans only, and they must be at least 13.

Fortunately, people with accounts can create Facebook pages and that’s the way for dogs and cats, or other pets, to join the Facebook social network. Once setup, you may also link your page to Twitter, so each post on your wall becomes a tweet in Twitter. Cool, huh?

If you are a Corky fan on my site, blog, Twitter, or YouTube and have a Facebook page, please let me know so I can LIKE yours. You may want to LIKE my Corky the Shelter Dog Facebook page to return the favor.

My goal is to promote the adoption of shelter dogs and other rescue pets, so you’re welcome to post related content on my wall.

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