Story of a Shelter Dog Introduction

corky twitter portrait Follow this Life with Corky true story about a shelter puppy born August 2008 and abandoned by the owner at 4 months then left to stray.

Turned in to animal control in January 2009 and adopted after the mandatory 1 week waiting claim period, he has a loving family.

Millions of pets worldwide are not as lucky. Open your heart. Adopt a pet. You will find unconditional love from a loyal companion who will never judge your minor flaws.

Introduction to Corky Video Episode 1

If you want to read the script of this video introduction, slide down below the video player to read the transcript of Life With Corky Video Episode 1 entitled Introduction to Corky. (Video play time: 01:23 min/sec)

Transcript of Narration in Video Episode 1

This video episode 1 of Life with Corky is entitled: Introduction to Corky. Hi, I’m Jim, Corky’s guardian, and this adorable puppy calls me “Dad”. Corky was a shelter dog that my wife and I adopted in 2009, and now he tells his story as I do the typing and narrate his videos.

Life with Corky is an online serial story written through the eyes of Corky and is suitable for young readers, or adults. He was abandoned and adopted as a young puppy in January 2009, and that’s where the adventure begins. From his early time in doggy jail and the first day in his new home, the up to the minute stories of Life with Corky are expected to continue for many years to come.

Yes, we have more videos, too! You are invited to follow the video story of Corky the shelter dog as we add new chapters and videos to his website, so enjoy the adventure! Follow the link in the upper right to YouTube for exclusive videos not shown on this website, too!

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